Monday, August 8, 2016

Maryland Evening

Cool Maryland evening,
Sitting on the porch,
Hearing song birds sing.
Wind blowing softly,
Sundown and the light dimming,
Cottontail on the lawn eating a clover patch,
While we listen to Jackson Browne.
We haven't done anything like this,
Since last autumn in Colorado.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Vintage Ellie Bogardus - The Italian Job

I was not able to recover my saved blogs for a couple of months since changing email systems and addresses. While on vacation, I puttered around a few times, with also the complication of having my iPhone not accessible because of a lost pass code, and finally figured out how to bring up my saved blog entries. 

At the top of the list of incomplete draft entries, was one that earlier contributor Alessandro La Villa in Italy sent me back on May 14th. At the link is a video cartoon for Becchi la Beccaccia, Becchi the Woodcock. It is an early era cartoon that Ellie worked on while living in Italy. The cartoon is sponsored by a domestic appliance company - note the advertisement at the end of the cartoon. The video has been preserved by an organization to document Italian culture. (1)

Below is the message with information that Alex sent me. Again, I greatly appreciate receiving information that I can post about artist Ellie Bogardus.

Becchi the Woodcock

First of all, sorry for the time I took to write. You can't believe what I've found digging in my mom's memories... an old Italian adv partially drawn by Ellie!
Unfortunately I didn't found more info on this, but My mom said she saw Ellie drawing it when she was living in Milano, so let me introduce to you: Becchi la Beccaccia!!!

Have a good life!
Alessandro La Villa.
(1) UPA Advertising Graffiti is a cultural, non-profit organization, created to offer a cross-section of Italian society through the collection and categorization of commercial trailers disclosed in our country from the [19]60s to today. The movies on the channel have been made available by companies and advertising agencies, or come from media libraries and private collections.