Sunday, May 31, 2015

Across A Landscape - More Ellie Bogardus

The Streaker by Ellie Bogardus
This past week I received an email from Ellie Bogardus aficionado Allesandro who has furnished other information about Ellie and pieces of her art to this blog. This latest is titled, "The Streaker," which shows a naked man (the streaker in the upper left hand corner) running into a complex park landscape scene. This painting is the most complex in subject matter that I have seen, next to the mural that was etched into the south wall of Ellie's house in Cambria. The information that Allesandro furnished about the painting was it was given to his brother Alberto by Ellie when he visited her in Cambria around 1982. The painting is now displayed in a place where, "...he can often look at it, taking a pause or enjoying an holiday relax time." I appreciate all of the different sub-stories that are shown: a nun following a group of school children walking in a line, a dog-walker, people talking at a park bench, men playing chess, a woman walking behind a baby stroller - very interesting. The style/colors are still very Ellie Bogardus.

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